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Custom Reporting Services From WebFX

When it comes to digital marketing, proper reporting is everything. We provide advanced, custom reports that cover everything from call tracking to lead attribution and beyond. Pricing for our custom reporting starts at $250/month and is 100% transparent - you always know exactly where your money goes. Scroll down for more details or fill out the form for an exact quote!

Qualified Leads Generated

Custom Reporting

For clients who require advanced monthly reporting on the success of their business's website, WebFX offers several custom reporting packages. These advanced reports provide your business with highly detailed data each and every month, including:

  • Traffic and revenue reporting broken down by specific marketing channels (including organic search engine traffic, PPC, and social media)
  • The creation of custom goals, events, and dashboards in Google Analytics for advanced monthly tracking
  • Advanced reporting on call tracking, cost-per-lead, ecommerce, lead attribution, companies visiting your website, and more

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WebFX clients who want in-depth reporting beyond the monthly reporting offered as part of our SEO plans can now request advanced reports for an additional fee. These monthly reports are designed to give you access to additional data on the traffic and ROI of specific marketing channels, as well as provide detailed ROI data including cost-per-lead (CPL) and goals or conversions. All of this and more is included in a monthly SEO report.

View the pricing chart below to learn more about our custom monthly reporting packages.

Custom Reporting Pricing

Advanced Monthly Reporting
Premium Monthly Reporting
Platinum Monthly Reporting
Features Advanced Monthly Reporting Premium Monthly Reporting Platinum Monthly Reporting
Strategy development and consulting monthly time Up to 2 hours Up to 4.5 hours Up to 10 hours
Additional hours $125 per hour $115 per hour $105 per hour
Internet marketing strategy development
Flight schedule development and strategy
Monthly metrics and goal reporting
Web advertising channel analysis and consulting
Organic and paid keyword lead generation and sales development
ROI consulting
MarketingCloudFX consulting
Marketing automation consulting
Call tracking consulting (if applicable)
Ecommerce consulting (if applicable)
Marketing automation consulting  
Website personalization consulting  
200+ SMEs behind campaign driving results
Investment $250 per month $500 per month $1,000 per month

Monthly Consulting Pricing

Advanced Monthly Reporting
Premium Monthly Reporting
Platinum Monthly Reporting
Features Advanced Monthly Reporting Premium Monthly Reporting Platinum Monthly Reporting
Custom reporting and Google Analytics consulting Up to 2 hours Up to 4.5 hours Up to 10 hours
Additional hours $125 per hour $115 per hour $105 per hour
Custom Google Analytics dashboards set up
Google Analytics goals set up
Google Analytics events set up
Monthly traffic reporting
Traffic reporting by channel
ROI reporting
Funnel visualization reporting
Cost-per-lead (CPL) reporting
Monthly goals and conversion reporting
Ecommerce reporting (if applicable)
Call tracking reporting (if applicable)
MarketingCloudFX reporting (includes lead attribution and company tracker reporting)
200+ SMEs behind campaign driving results
Investment $250 per month $500 per month $1,000 per month

What Do These Reports Include?

Each WebFX client who signs up for an SEO plan, or any one of our other inbound marketing plans, receives detailed monthly reports from their dedicated Internet marketer. These reports are already customized for each client's needs, and may include data on website revenue, traffic, and search engine optimization. However, some clients request additional data beyond what is included in our standard custom monthly reports.

Our advanced monthly reporting packages include more specific and in-depth reporting of revenue and traffic per channel, allowing you to make better decisions about your specific marketing channels. You will be able to gather more information about the leads and revenue attributed to external sources like social media and email marketing, as well as the revenue that can be attributed to search engines and your SEO campaigns.

reports can be tailored to focus on your preferences

In addition to per-channel reporting, WebFX will set up specific, targeted goals, events, and dashboards in Google Analytics. This will allow you to review the number of visitors who are completing specific actions, including filling out a contact form or signing up for your email marketing, to make sure you get the most accurate data on your monthly SEO report.

Finally, along with the detailed reporting on these individual sources and channels, you will receive access to our proprietary MarketingCloudFX system. This will allow you to view new leads on your website, as well as identify the sources that sent them to you. MarketingCloudFX will also allow you to track companies visiting your website by name, giving you a better idea of who is interested in your products or services.

These reports can be tailored at your preference to focus on more complex marketing data, or presented in different formats that may suit the needs of your company.

Some of our client Successes

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“We measure our success by how much we WOW our clients.”

Bill Craig
WebFX President

Bill Craig
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What Are the Advantages of Custom Reports?

Our custom reporting packages allow larger businesses with multiple marketing channels to identify successful marketing campaigns, track ROI, and set specific monthly goals per channel. These reports also provide in-depth data on the amount of money that you are spending to acquire new leads, as well as helpful data on the progress of potential leads through your marketing funnel.

Optionally, these custom reporting packages can provide you with data on your website call tracking. We also offer detailed ecommerce reporting for businesses operating an online store.

Do I Need Custom Reporting?

For a majority of WebFX customers, the monthly reporting built into our SEO and marketing packages is all that is necessary to make decisions regarding their online activities and the successes of their campaigns. However, some larger clients have requested more in-depth reporting and features, which is why we have created these custom plans.

if your website is large, you should invest in custom reporting

If your website is very large, or you utilize a high number of online marketing channels, you may want to invest in custom reporting to get a deeper understanding of the status of your online marketing. These reports are intended for clients who desire detailed data on their ROI, cost-per-lead, and goals. For clients who utilize only a few online marketing channels, or have only partnered with WebFX for a single SEO plan or project, this level of data may not be required.

If you are unsure as to whether or not you should invest in custom reporting, we suggest consulting with your dedicated Internet marketer. They will be able to advise you on the best reporting option for your business, both now and as your business grows.

Interested in upgrading your monthly SEO reports to one of our advanced packages? Call 888.449.3239 or contact us online to sign up today.